Series 40 Theme Studio

Series 40 Theme Studio 1.2

You can download these alternatives:

Nokia editor to create themes for Series 40 phones


  • Huge range of customization tools
  • Clear preview windows


  • Cumbersome UI


I'm a big fan of Nokia Series 40 phones, but the one problem I have with them is that they all look very similar.

If you fancy customizing your phone to stand out from the crowd a bit, you could install a theme for your device. However, those who really dare to be different choose to create their own themes and the Series 40 Theme Studio allows you to do just that.

The Windows-based application - an official Nokia software package - lets you change virtually every part of your display, from the folder icons to the battery indicator. You can tweak colors, change fonts and add custom pictures to set your phone apart from the rest.

The user interface is split into two halves - the left containing a menu of all the things you can change, and the right a live preview window displaying the current state of the theme. The degree you can customize your device really is limited only by your imagination. Actually, it's also limited by your patience because the user interface in the Series 40 Theme Studio isn't very user friendly. The menus are cluttered and poorly-labeled and this program is crying out for drag-and-drop functionality.

If you have the persistence to master the cumbersome interface, you should be able to pull off some cool designs though.

Nokia developed this official tool in order to give mobile phones the ultimate personal touch. With Series 40 Theme Studio you can tinker with your own themes for your mobile phone. The program runs under Windows and makes your phone stand out from the rest.

Change the color of the surface or bring a breath of fresh air to your screen. In addition there are icons and buttons, battery indicators, message receipt functions and volume controls built in. A preview shows you how your new design will also look giving you complete control over your phone.

User reviews about Series 40 Theme Studio

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    Link updated.
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  • by Anonymous

    This is not S40 TS 1.2, IS 2.2! I need 1.2 to work with an older phone and 2.2 is not compatib...   More